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Professor Taylor Cox Jr., Ph.D.

Working with Randy is highly developmental. He quickly gets below the surface to what is really going on in the mind and heart. Literally within minutes of meeting him I found that his probing technique challenged me to examine my motives for how I was dealing with leaders who report to me. Since that meeting I have spent many hours with Randy and have always come away with a good return on my time investment.

Producer Benjamin Dresser- Film, Music Video, Documentary

I am a millennial. I am skeptical of testimonials. I strongly dislike the feeling of being sold, but I've decided to write this anyway. I cannot urge you strongly enough. If you have a desire for life to look different, sign up for Reveal. If you're interested in a conference or workshop where you get very excited about how your life could look different and you leave with some great new ideas about living, sign up for something else. Or take drugs. Or order the latest edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul. However, if you want one real, concrete, messy, vulnerable, terrifying, invigorating, life-giving change--then clear your schedule for a weekend and take a Reveal class. As a direct result of Character Genetics classes I made a closer relationship with my family, quit smoking, quit a junk food diet, developed an exercise habit, learned to enjoy eating healthy, learned how to love others, increased my personal income by 30%, and come to understand my purpose on earth. It sounds like fluff. It sounds like bad marketing copy. Test it out. Enroll in a Reveal class, then read this testimonial again and think about your reaction. Will it still sound like fluff? Or will it sound like life as intended.

Rev. Ellis Smith - Director One Detroit

I participated in an incredible executive leadership training course in 2013, which was totally transformational for me. I initially took the Character Genetics Reveal two-day course with about forty other leaders from the business, educational, political and church sector. I was recently in another meeting with some of these same leaders that took the course with me, and everyone of them spoke about how their experience with Randy Bixby and the Character Genetics workshop and the executive coaching, was the highlight of their year for 2013.

Keith Graham- President- Regulatory Technology Services- Nuclear Energy Industry

Character Genetics integrated character and leadership development process is phenomenal; a Level 10-10 experience. Randy Bixby and the Character Genetics program enable me to move to new levels of personal and professional integrity traits. The experiential learning tools and techniques have helped me to reveal who I am, decide my purpose in life, calibrate my metrics for success, and master the goal setting process. Randy's skills and techniques for knowledge transfer led me to also select him for periodic personal and business coaching services; he also led the startup of a Mastermind group for Seven Mountain tribe members that I formed, in addition to advising me in Cultural Transformation strategies. Randy's interactive techniques as a speaker, in his own programs, and in his coaching processes are focused on results and transform lives. Randy is helping us master our personal, sphere, positional, and cultural authority based on our unique passions and skill sets. The world is looking for solutions to problems; working with Randy we are creating the solutions that are needed. The Reveal weekend event is a great way to get connected with Randy and the Character Genetics programs.

Adam Sherwood - NAPA - Maysville Auto Parts

To experience sustainable, personal fulfillment life demands we actively engage with it DAILY. Character Genetics provides the best hands-on training I've experienced anywhere to develop this vital life skill.

Mark L. Gurley, CLU, ChFC, OSJ- Financial Advisor, Bank Consultant

Character Genetics and Randy Bixby bring the key to opening up the potential that God has already created within us. Self-awareness and authenticity are the two key ingredients that cause convergence in our lives. Randy has a unique way of unlocking and exploring these key ingredients. If you like being mediocre, then Character Genetics is not for you.

Jonathan Lumbard-Leadership Pastor-Spirit of Life Church - Kearney, NE

Simply put, the three levels of training that Character Genetics has to offer has dramatically changed my life. I am better disciplined and more focused than ever before. Everything from my personal to professional life is going to the next level. I have had a dream for years to write a book and I am just a couple of months away from realizing that dream. During the Respond workshop I was able to write the first draft of a 55,000 word, 12 chapter book in 90 days! If you want accelerated, measurable results the Character Genetics transformative leadership systems are for you.

Peter Dresser- Lead Pastor-Metro Detroit Christian Church

Randy Bixby and his Character Genetics training has given our congregation a tremendous tool for self awareness, responsibility and faith that is helping people advance in authentic authority. Randy's equipping has moved us forward in the Kingdom mandate that Jesus gave the church.

Lindsey Mack- Detroit, MI

Prior to character genetics I was stuck in a rut in my life - a rut that kept me from advancing or growing in my career, my relationships, and most of all my personality. Immaturity (the inability to take responsibility for my own life and create growth) was stunting my life. Randy met me right where I was at with such grace. As a coach Randy helped me navigate my thoughts, emotions, and reactions to understand the underlying belief systems that were keeping me from advancing. by teaching me to play detective - and then helped bring me to a choice point so I could step into an actionable place to create change. Since working with Randy I've had tangible change in my life - both I and my relationships have become increasingly healthier, goals I set a year out have happened in just 3 months, I got a new job within two months that was a promotion not just a lateral move. Playing detective is becoming a life habit - as well as continuing to learn to take responsibility for my life and create change.

Dr. David Skjaerlund- Traverse City Leader Development Program

The Reveal, Respond and Resolve workshops of Character Genetics are truly life-changing in providing practical training that results in a lifestyle of leading from personal responsibility. The unique approach of Randy's experiential training results in true personal growth and increases one's leadership potential and influence. These workshops are key for people looking to be successful and prosper in every area of their personal life as well as becoming more impactful in their sphere of influence. Character Genetics will significantly transform the culture of any organization and empower individuals to reach their true destiny.

Brian Schroeder, Teen Challenge

I feel a great sense of freedom that I’m taking with me along with the understanding that my deepest desire will be my result.

Dr. Cynthia Phillips, Program Evaluator- Phillips Wyatt Knowlton, Inc.

Second to None!

"I evaluate professional development and organizational and adult learning for a living. This course, both the content and delivery excel past nearly all of the 100's of programs I have observed. The use of experiential learning was perfect."

Gordon Riddle Pennington, Founder CEO Burning Media Group

This is a MUST DO!

Engaging with Character Genetics is a must for anyone wanting to take their life to the highest level possible "

Pastor Ray Befus, Vineyard North, Grand Rapids, MI.

Last June a friend and fellow church member, Dave Dykstra, sponsored the first Reveal training workshop in West Michigan. As with so many conferences and seminars, I was ambivalent about participating. I’m very busy. But, I was also aware that I was feeling worn out, used up, and pretty sure that my future was going to look a lot like my past . . . which sometimes made me feel safe, but other times filled me with deep sadness.

So, I registered, put down the money, and showed up in my seat on Friday morning. And, I experienced more than personal renewal; I experienced a revolution in my faith and the conviction that God is calling me back to the front lines of life and ministry. My sense of hope, vision, and energy began to stir and then to rise to levels that I hadn’t felt in a number of years. My perspectives and conversations began to clear up. My personal times of prayer and planning began to pick up momentum and stir fresh convictions. I found that the practical tools I took from the workshop were sharp and effective, whether I applied them to my relationships or to my career. I’m aware that these lines probably sound a bit ‘over the top.’ But they are true and these transforming experiences and tools have stayed with me, continuing to energize me, and to direct my focus for the better part of a year. If you don’t want your future to look like more of your past, Reveal is for you. I just hope that you can get in.


Three Words: Life Changing Moments
Most Important Takeaway: Finding what has affected my life and having an outline on how to deal with it.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: To focus on my feeling "helmet" when in the moment.
What Changed: A clean vision of my responsibilities that I have on connecting my behaviors.
Testimony: I have been finding how the past have defined my life because of my choice to allow it. My mind is a effection (?) of thoughts.

Other Comments: (This was) very active. I have been to other training before which was just information and bored me. This was awesome.


Three Words: Growth, Awareness, Release
Most Important Takeaway: I don't have to think within the framework that I have been thinking in. I can release myself from a limited mindset.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: I approach things from a uninteresting perspective. I assume others are better and know better than I do.
What Changed: I'm more competent than I give myself credit for.
Testimony: I know that I am not stuck in my job. I can choose to stay or leave. I can make my job into what I want it to be.


Three Words: Awareness of needed change
Most Important Takeaway: Remember the intentions or feelings at a hurt level when I'm acting on a situation.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: I show up anxious, timid and worried in many events of my life.
What Changed: Realizing that joy and blessings and friendships are acquired outside of my comfort zone.
Testimony: I will choose to start my day with intention and aware of the glasses I have on.


Three Words: Changed Excited Empowered
Most Important Takeaway: God will not regret me. I can trust him in all of this. He loves me so differently from my earthly parents.
What Changed: I'm ready to see my world differently!


Three Words: Wondering Questioning
Most Important Takeaway: I made new friends and valuable connections with people like-minded.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: When I did not have to come to mind with who I need to forgive, one response was was "my experience with you is that you're in denial". Good thought.


Three Words: Another Outlook
Most Important Takeaway: Being a detective in looking at the way (how and why) of how things affect me.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: I am bolder than I thought I was.


Three Words: Revealing Emotional Transformations
Most Important Takeaway: What are the intentions of my heart- I am not longer a victim! Tell people how I feel with love.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: I have a victim mentality.
What Changed: My perception of myself.


Three Words: Life Empowering Change
Most Important Takeaway: The choices I make= my results!
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: I still have some hurts that I thought were healed. I have settled by the choices I made.
What changed: I will choose to live everyday like it's my last. My life (My job, my church) will be effected by how I show up.


Three Words: Revealing Qualities, Positive
Most Important Takeaway: I was able to identify many relief systems in my life besides trust issues. Listening to others opened my mind and heart to greater truths.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: I have the tools to work on my initial reactions "feelings" that don't always live up in a positive direction.
What Changed: I am much more aware of areas in my heart that need tending to and I have to tools to go to work- daily basis.


Three Words: Revealing Provoking Insightful
Most Important Takeaway: Being able to really get whats going on inside of me.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: I have been in rebellion at my job- was fortunate to have 30 day head start and have watched my attitude turn around.
What Changed: Learning to be a much better listener.
Testimony: My job has already been impacted once I got my rebellion out of the way.


Three Words: Personal Empowering Encouraging
Most Important Takeaway: How our "core beliefs" drive our success or failure and how to overcome them.
What Was Discovered By Playing Detective: What may "seem" evident isn't always the truth. It helps up to overcome our failure by revealing them in bite-size pieces.
What Changed: How to reach my full potential-for God and my family!
Testimony: I feel retooled and empowered to truly impact my workplace and more importantly, my family. I need to able able to leave financial legacy for my 2 boys and now I feel much closer in achieving that goal.
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