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Limitless TM

A 3 - hour Workshop Experience and overview of all three Advanced Workshops from Character Genetics


Imagine a world inside your mind that has no limits on what you could do? No limit to the love you experience, the impact you make, the wealth you create, and the satisfaction that comes as a result! The dreams you have seen are now within reach and your goals are achievable. The fear of "what if" or the thoughts of "not good enough" turn into "no matter what" and "more than enough" possibilities you can't wait to make happen. Imagine living your life in the real world without the limits that you've placed on yourself. What would living life limitless look like for you?

After years of coaching individuals, leaders, and professionals, I've found several self-limiting mindsets common to human nature that are crushing the dreams of good people... and most people have no idea that their own thinking is the problem. Change our thinking, and we will change our results! But how? What specific mindsets are limiting me? How do I discover them? How do I change them? What do I do to create permanent shifts and lasting change?

I invite you to live life limitless!

Limitless™ is a 9-hour fun, insightful and thought provoking, dream realization workshop designed to empower you with tools you can use to live the rest of your life beyond the limits you've unknowingly set for yourself. Live in the "what is possible" instead of the "what is impossible"! Be the powerful, authentic, and unique creation that the world needs you to be! Start your journey with Character Genetics

In the Limitless™ Workshop you will experience the Inducer Transformation System, a system of tools and activities that will produce accelerated, measurable, sustainable change in all areas of your life. You will experience learning modules from each of the three advanced Leadership Workshops- Reveal, Respond and Resolve offered by Character Genetics. In addition to launching your life and thinking into new RESULTS, Limitless™ is a powerful introduction to our advanced workshops. We also realize many people want to "know what we are all about" before taking the next step into coaching or the advanced workshop series offered through Character Genetics and Limitless™ does just that.

Is Limitless for the executive or entrepreneur? The businessperson or the non-profit leader? Is this for college students or retired adults in transition? Is this for stay at home moms, blue collar or white collar workers? Is Limitless™ for someone who's already attended a workshop from Character Genetics? YES! This is for the person who has a passion and commitment to live life Limitless™

This is your life, This is your time. Don't be the one standing in your own way!

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Workshop Details:

Saturday 9am-12pm-   7pm-10pm  weekdays

What you will experience:

The Governmantle™ you will learn the mastery of governing self, sphere and culture resulting in maximum life imprint.

The Inducer Transformation System™ The Character Genetics core protocols for creating accelerated, measurable, sustainable change!

Get "unstuck" and start dreaming again!

Discover the thinking that is limiting you and Grow is Self Awareness with the CG Personal Investigator Tool

Increase your Energy and Focus to take life on limitless!

Work / Life Integration- tools to support you in establishing and keeping your priorities.

Powerful Goal Setting- learn how to set powerful goals using the T.A.R.G.E.T. tool!

Grow in Personal Responsibility, the power of Choice and HOPE!

Problem Solving- Learn the most effective approach to solving problems.

Experience the Six Secrets of Legacy Leadership- What great leaders know and practice to live a lasting legacy.
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