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The second workshop in the integrated Character Genetics™ program system is a highly defined goal-orientated focus on growing in the power of personal responsibility while obtaining keys to sustainable change in your personal and professional life. These personal leadership skills and related modules are designed to optimize both personal and organizational change

What will I experience in respond?

  • A 71 page in-depth personal behavior, motivator and value assessment and debrief to understand yourself and others at a whole new level. ($300 value alone)
  • Target goals- a unique way of visionary goal setting where you will set two BIG goals for the 90 days to measure your growth as you implement new thinking and tools.
  • A plan to "win the day", make progress and track results by living daily disciplines to complete your goals.
  • Relational Constellation - Discover three different tools for evaluating and managing your relationships including building your personal board of directors.
  • Enrolling others in vision- how to align others with your vision from a place of commitment over compliance.
  • Trust- Grow in this absolute for transformational leadership by learning how to trust God, others and yourself from the heart. Trusting relationships are the foundation to collaboration and cultural transformation.
  • Problem solving pt. 1- learn the most effective approach to solving problems.
  • Problem solving pt. 2- Overcome the number one obstacle to problem solving once and for all.
  • Grow in self awareness and authenticity... your unique key to authority
  • Mastermind - Experience the principles and practice of a structured mastermind.
  • Discover the key insights of The Governmantle™ and Inducer Transformation System™
  • Collaboration- trust, plan and act in collaboration with leaders cross spheres
  • Support and personal coaching in realizing huge personal and professional goals.
  • Grow in Personal and Sphere Authority as you lead yourself into peak effectiveness.
  • More...
This ninety-day workshop and coaching journey is focused on personal responsibility. Respond™ is the second step in your journey with Character Genetics™ that takes the foundational insights of the Reveal™ Workshop and focuses them into daily activities that produce accelerated, measurable, sustainable results in your life. It's about personal authenticity. "You have to live it, to give it!" RB.

Leaders will learn new tools in two more experiential weekends along with weekly coaching and mastermind support. Demonstrating greater results in a leader’s personal and professional sphere on a consistent basis will cause others to recognize you as the authentic and powerful leader that you are. The leader will gain understanding and experience of Personal, Sphere, Positional and Cultural Authority on their journey towards shaping culture from the inside out.
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    Character Genetics is an insightful and interactive character and leadership development company like you have never experienced before! Through experiential workshops, coaching and resources we equip leaders to create accelerated, measurable, sustainable change... FAST!


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