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The great NBA star and Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan was asked, “Who was your favorite guy to play against?”  I love sports and I remember well the epic battles Jordan fought and won through his pain, sickness and injuries leading the Chicago Bulls to six World Championships. An entire Sports Center TV series could be devoted to Michael’s potential answers to this inspiring question.

His answer…  “Myself, my biggest battle was with myself.”


Michael Jordan’s revelation that his biggest battles were not external, but internal, gives you and me a critical insight into World Champion peak performance and true success.

Our biggest battle is not with cancer or paying the bills in a difficult economy. Our biggest battle is not with a spouse, a child or work relationship. Our biggest battle is not with terrorism, racism, capitalism, socialism or any other “ism”. Our biggest battle is not what life externally throws at us.

Let me suggest that our biggest battle is with ourselves. Our biggest battle is within each of us and how we choose to govern our own responses (thoughts, actions and feelings) to everything life brings our way.

This is why I teach that our character is the real inventor of our results.  Our character- def. The core thinking and values that predetermine my behavior and results- is where the “how I experience life” is created.

Before you throw up your hands and say something like, “Thanks a lot Randy, now I feel terrible because you are telling me the problem is me,” please understand this important truth. If you are the problem then you are also the solution!

Let me better define the problem and solution this way.

The problem- “The current choices you are knowingly or unknowingly making about what to think, how to feel and how to behave regarding any external life challenge that is creating the current set of results that you don’t like.”

The solution- “To make different choices that create different results by discovering new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving through the use of an emotional intelligence tool I call the “Personal Investigator tool.”

If you would like to learn more about this tool and how to use it in your everyday life, then click on the picture below to watch a video explaining the Personal Investigator tool as my free gift to you.


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