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The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ Jan. 10-11, 2020 San Diego, CA.

Coaching is the master skill in today’s rapidly shifting workplace: it increases emotional intelligence and develops leaders while promoting accountability and adaptability that applies to every aspect of a manager or leader’s role. In The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™, you’ll learn how to use coaching for many aspects of your professional and personal life. You are in for seismic shifts in how you teach, disciple, counsel, and lead those you have been entrusted to serve.

The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ facilitates breakthrough effectiveness for your family, your ministry, and your organization.
The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ 
teaches a complete set of coaching skills that expand your effectiveness as a leader while helping you accelerate the growth of your family, friends and others in your business or organization. These skills are also a strong foundation to those starting their own coaching practice.

What is The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™?

The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ is the same interactive workshop as CG's Coach Approach Workshop that helps leaders and managers build a coaching culture to help employees reach their full potential, with the added focus and application to life-coaching and coaching in a ministry context. The goal of The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ is to empower leaders to coach team members toward success in life and ministry effectively. The benefits to a coach approach extend beyond business and ministry to deliver results in a leader's personal life and relationships as well.

The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™is typically conducted as a two-day in-person workshop but is customizable and adaptable. It is designed for leaders, pastors, business owners and managers who want to gain transformative coaching skills to:
           build trusting relationships
           lead others effectively
           develop and retain team members
           increase the emotional intelligence of team members
           enhance problem-solving
           expand team members self-awareness and personal responsibility
           improve communication
           unlock creativity and innovation 
           measurably grow your people and your business
           strengthen accountability

Coaching is the master skill that integrates all other leadership and management skills to adapt and respond to the needs of a changing organization, workplace or family.

The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ Workshop Model

In the workshop we will focus on FOUR key areas to train our coaches:

Coaching definition, distinctive, and framework

The CG Coaching Conversation Protocols™
ICF Core Coaching Competencies
Hands on practice- learn by doing

The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ Workshop sessions consist of content focused on core, advanced, and real-life coaching skills; hands-on practice implementing coaching techniques with real life and work scenarios; and the Everything DiSC™personality profile and coaching preference summary to determine interpersonal interaction styles in the context of coaching. 

The workshop is built around The CG Coaching Conversation Protocols™, which helps leaders develop coaching capabilities in five key steps throughout interactive sessions.

Step One:     Establish Agreement 
Step Two:     Explore Opportunities
Step Three:  Overcome Obstacles 
Step Four:    Create Awareness 
Step Five:     Determine Commitments

The CG Coaching Conversation Protocols™ 

Protocol One: Establish Agreement
           Determine the coaching agenda
           Clarify team members’ goals
          Address the “hole” between those goals and where the team members are now

Protocol Two: Explore Opportunities
           Ask powerful questions
           Listen without assumptions (Empathetic listening)
           Examine costs and benefits of potential choices

Protocol Three: Overcome Obstacles
           Partner in identifying and understanding obstacles 
           Investigate solutions that will overcome 
           Assist the coachee in choosing a solution

Protocol Four: Create Awareness
           Coaching “the who” in addition to the “what” and “how”
           Explore thinking underneath feelings and behaviors and challenge assumptions
           Explore learning from the coaching conversation

Protocol Five: Determine Commitments
           Co-create commitments to specific, timely, action that focuses on outcomes
           Ensure actions align with core values, priorities and capacity 
           Affirm coachee’s efforts and offer support

The CG Coaching Conversation Protocols™

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The 2-day workshop includes the following materials:

           The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™Participant Workbook
           The CG Coaching Conversation Protocols™ card
           549 Powerful Coaching Questions 22page PDF manual. 
           Everything DiSC™personality profile and coaching preference summary

Picture4                        Picture5

The Everything DiSC™ personality profile and coaching preference summary is a self-inventory that allows people to discover how they want to give and receive feedback and advice, as well as shows a snapshot of how individuals can have effective communication in relationships. The preferences in the DiSC™show participants both how they want to be coached and how they can be more effective as a coach. It consists of four preferences, each with its own strengths and liabilities: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

The Dominance preference describes coaches who like to be in control, are direct communicators, focus on results, and think about the possibilities. They are willing to take on new challenges or risks, set goals, and work hard to achieve them.

The Influence preference describes coaches who are outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic, and spontaneous. As coaches, they are excellent communicators, can be very persuasive, and are comfortable as the center of attention.

The Steadiness preference describes coaches who are accommodating, humble, tactful and even-tempered. As coaches, they are patient, thorough, and like to make everyone in a group comfortable.

The Conscientiousness preference describes coaches who are analytical, precise, systematic and hardworking. They are careful to think things through, experts at analyzing and solving problems, and careful and diplomatic communicators.



The Coach Approach for LIfe and Ministry by CG™ workshop is your opportunity to learn and practice foundational coaching skills in a two-day accelerated program.

You'll discover your natural coaching preference and how to adapt it to be more effective. You'll learn an easy-to-use coaching model and will have numerous opportunities to practice it over the two days with other participants using real-life scenarios.

Learning–just like a coaching conversation–isn’t complete without a plan to act. You’ll create a personal action plan that focuses on outcomes and how you will apply new skills in your role. You will have an opportunity for an individual practice coaching conversation with the facilitator as follow-up after the session in a Group Mentor Coaching call.

The Coach Approach by CG™ The CG Coaching Conversation Protocols™

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.41.56 PM


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Randy Bixby
- PCC, CUCG, BA is an experienced executive success coach, facilitator, consultant, speaker and author specializing in leadership, performance, communication and the development of human capital. Randy is a pioneer in the field of Character Science utilizing transformative leadership systems that provide individuals and organizations with proven human capital transformation systems that attract, develop, and retain top talent. He is a PCC and certified Mentor Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation). Randy has nearly 30 years of ministry and leadership experience as a pastor, worship leader, house of prayer director, national denominational leader, missionary, trainer of ministers, church staffs, and is ordained through Global Awakening. He is an apostolic equipper to leaders of leaders at the gates of culture. 


       How a coach approach and just-in-time feedback can improve your leadership effectiveness.
       How to use coaching to strengthen trust, increase employee and volunteer engagement, build confidence, and improve performance.
       How to be more effective through The Everything DiSC™ personality profile and coaching preference summary.
   The CG Coaching Conversation Protocols™: Establish Agreement, Explore Opportunities, Overcome Obstacles, Create Awareness, and Determine Commitments.
      Easy-to-implement coaching skills that generate clear commitments and engage team members in achieving their full potential.


The Centre
1205 Auto Park Way, Escondido, CA 92029  
Crown Point Room


Friday and Saturday January 10-11, 2020
8am-5pm both days
Lunch 12pm-1pm daily


Regular retail- $1,495 tuition for The Coach Approach by CG™ includes all program materials and training. The Coach Approach by CG™ pricing does not include lodging, meals or GMC (Group Mentor Coaching) practice coaching calls with the facilitator after the session.

The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry by CG™ Non-profit Special Pricing due to the generous underwriting of sponsors.

$499 per peson before January 1, 2020  
$599 January 2-10, 2020

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